Ending Our Relationship

All these roads I want
to cover with dirt, travel

by horse, Eastwood scowl

in the middle of eighteen

chimpanzees riding ponies

and grinding cigars

with yellow teeth

red eyes glaring like mars

amongst all that black fur

my chest open to the sun

before I find her

and do the snake thing



share the bottle with my clan

then let the eighteen have their way

with her all at once

gang ape rape while I stand

outside, back to the window

moon grinning retarded down on me

screams beating my drums, stroking

my black horse; a tear trickles

into the corner of my mouth

and I swallow it like vodka, cringe

mount and ride off with the eighteen

daffy monkeys jumping with the footfalls of their ponies.

See you around


Mathias Nelson


One Response to “”

  1. Brutal, disturbing, surrealistic & I absolutely love it!! Bloody gorgeous poem!! I suggest sending it off to her w/ pink roses (so she knows there’s no hard feelings & that you’re still friends).

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