Submissions must be pasted into an email along with “submission” in the subject line & zapped to Send no more than THREE poems under 30 lines. Nothing longer. No previously published poems. Don’t send some so-so fucking poems that were rejected somewhere else and pawn them off on me “to see what happens.” Just because this isn’t a print magazine or a complex website doesn’t mean it doesn’t have high standards.  Actually, this zine will be highly selective. Keep that in mind.  Please remember to obey the guidelines. If you don’t follow the few simple rules then the editor will delete your email. Also, the editor knows what he likes and if it’s not of his taste then you don’t get in. If he doesn’t like anything then he will publish nothing.

Please note:
The Exuberant Ashtray will be published on an irregular basis. If you don’t like that then find some other place for your poems.

Rob Plath
Editor of The Exuberant Ashtray


One Response to “Submissions”

  1. jack henry said

    ha you crazy cunt doing a zine rock on…i’ll send some shit later and if you don’t like it’s all good. and if you do, rock it!

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