A former student of Allen Ginsberg, Rob Plath has six books of poetry out: ASHTRAYS AND BULLS (Liquid Paper Press 2003), AN IV BAG FULL OF BILE (Scintillating Publications 2007), WHISKEY AND CLAY (Pudding House Publications 2008), SQUEEZING BLOOD FROM THE ALPHABET (erbacce press 2008), TAPPING ASHES IN THE DARK (Lummox Press 2008), & THERE’S A LITTLE HOBO IN MY HEART WHO FOREVER GIVES THE FINGER TO HUMANITY (d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press 2008). He has an enormous full-length collection called A BELLYFUL OF ANARCHY coming soon from Epic Rites Press in early 2009. Rob has published hundreds of poems in over 140 different magazines and journals. Rob is also a contributing editor at Jack Henry’s d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press. Rob & Jack Henry have a poetry blogtalk radio show called Rob & Jack America. The show’s former guests include Dan Fante, Karl Koweski and George Wallace.


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